Bottomless pit

Life is a dream
Dream Reality within Dreams
Loneliness is reality
Loss is the reality
Dreams and Dreams within dreams
Everything is a temporary flash of lights
In a bottomless black rift

I serve a sentence without end
For no Offence
I follow the night in chains.
Wherever it will lead
Drive through Blood ponds
The raging rivers of tears in the Preserve

I added and headed away
From the attractive hope of love,
Keeping brightness of light
As I return, it’s All black.
And even though my eyes can still be seen,
I can be blind
Never to return

All the World’s a Stage

One step of all the world,
And all men and women are only players.
They are outside of them and their inner paths,
And in their time a man plays many parts,
Their actions were seven years old. First, baby,
Meling in the arms of the nurse and puking.
Then stop with his satchel.
And the morn of Dawn is bright.
Unhappy school. And then lover,
As a sigh, a kiln, with a ballad-themed group.
Made of her mistress ‘ eyebrow. Then a soldier
Like Pard, a strange oath and full of Barsh.
Envy in respect, sudden and quick in contention,
Bubble Credential Search
Even in the mouth of the cannon. And then justice,
Fair round lined with good capon in Pete,
With eyes intense and formal cut beard,
Full of Dana and modern events;
And so does he pay part of it. Holiday Age Shifts
In Lean and Slapaprad Piantiin,
On the nose and on side bag;
The hose of his youth, well preserved, a world very wide
For its shrinking darkness, and their big Manly sounds,
Rescuer Trico, returning to pipe
And whistles in your voice; Last View,
This strange Aoantufal date ends,
Second, childish and just forgotten,
A tooth, a little eyed, a scarecrow taste, a lot of things.

Good times

Good times have gone, and the ones I have left have mourned
Over time I’ve never felt it lost,
As it tells me that I just lost it to make me cry.
I live in a world now, where I mean nothing for those people I met
And far from that which I have done.
Let me skip as nothing but a dedut.
Even if it’s asleep and woke up with the words, now someone
It is believed that I fly, they think, no longer are divine.
Even my eyes turned off, for me, all my regrets and and the milkchutes are exposed.
“I’m wrong, I’m wrong “, it’s all
I have to go about myself, all life-long.
And these things are never changing
Until so long, you have gone, my beloved.

Posted by Jotalela Khan Sad poems
Bottomless pit