Good times

good times

Good times have gone, and the ones I have left have mourned
Over time I’ve never felt it lost,
As it tells me that I just lost it to make me cry.
I live in a world now, where I mean nothing for those people I met
And far from that which I have done.
Let me skip as nothing but a dedut.
Even if it’s asleep and woke up with the words, now someone
It is believed that I fly, they think, no longer are divine.
Even my eyes turned off, for me, all my regrets and and the milkchutes are exposed.
“I’m wrong, I’m wrong “, it’s all
I have to go about myself, all life-long.
And these things are never changing
Until so long, you have gone, my beloved.

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Bottomless pit

Beauty Of A Rose

beauty of a rose

We want to increase the creation,
Thus the beauty of the Rose can never die,
But as it should be from death all the time,
His gracious heir can bear his memory.
But thou hast made a covenant with thy clear eyes;
Own feed with coffee fuel ‘ st
Where the abundance lies, making a call,
Thy foe is thy love, even cruel.
Now it is the latest ornament of the world,
And the only banana is a herald of spring.
Borest your bids within your content
And, tender Bangrove, the unique waste in Naggardong.
Craving to the world or be beaten
For the sepulchre shall be eaten, and unto thee the world.

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Meri hamdaras meri baat zra gor se sun

Qabl iske k teri maa meri maa tak pohnche

Me kisi tor b shaadi ka nhi hu qail

Mera pegaam muhabbat ha jhan tak pohnche

میری ھمدرس میری بات زرا غور سے سن

قبل اسکے کے تیری ماں میری ماں تک پہنچے

میں کسی طور بھی شادی کا نہں ہوں قاٰیٰل

میرا پیغام محبت ھے جہاں تک پہنچے